Get Creative With These 7 Maternity Photography Ideas

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Digital photography has reshaped our relationship with photography. Now more than ever, photography is an interactive process. Gone are the times where we were stuck with that family photo of Nan with her eyes shut on the family mantlepiece, now it’s perfectly normal to take 15 snaps to make sure everyone has their eyes open, their hair perfect the dog sitting still.

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5 Creative Photography Ideas For Your Baby’s First Year

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Ok, let’s face it, not everybody in the world is going to be as enchanted and googly-eyed over your baby as you are.  Mothers – especially new mothers – share a special bond with their children that is difficult to find anywhere else in life. 

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DIY Vintage Poster Frame

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I love spending time browsing through op-shops on my weekends. You never know what kind of treasures you might stumble across. Maybe you’ll pick up a stack of books at the great price of a dollar each or you might find some cool retro kitchenware for your home.

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