It takes a lot to make me gush. I can keep a straight face through Titanic, hold my own in the pet shop and even sit through a wedding ceremony without shedding a tear.  But if there’s one thing that has me clucking about like an old hen, it’s children. Especially the wee little ones (the smaller and quieter they are, the louder and more overbearing I’ll become, doting like the old aunts I remember fussing about me in my childhood). Now, I’m not one to enjoy being in this state, but gosh-be-darned, I just can’t help it when I see their little faces. So this week I’ve decided to showcase fifteen of the cutest baby photo ideas for styled shoots you can replicate at home. If you’re anything like me, it might be best to get the tissues handy before you scroll down.

As I’ve said before, it’s hard to get a bad photo of a baby – they’re just cute no matter which way you look at it. Still, a happy baby picture trumps a crying baby photo, so if your little one is not in a good mood, maybe wait until they fall asleep to get a good snap. In fact, most of the following photos can be taken of a sleeping baby, just to make it easier for you. So here they are, fifteen of the cutest baby photo ideas. Grab the tissues. (Or don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Starting with the classics…


1.  “Precious Little One”

Baby resting on a parent’s forearm with head cupped in parent’s hand. This photo looks great in black and white and is reminiscent of Anne Geddes’ spectacular baby photography.

Precious Little One

Precious Little One

2. “Sleeping Beauty”

Baby sleeping on a styled textile background. This is a great technique because you can add your own touch with funky fabrics, blankets and pillows.

3. “Sweet Lips”

An intimate portrait of you and/or your partner kissing the little one’s face, feet or hands. This shot also looks great in black and white.

4. “Simple But Classic”

Simply catch a smile or a pensive stare. Adding a simple effect (even on Instagram) during post-editing will do wonders to a photo like this.

5. “Baby Bear”

Catch your little one in a hug between Mum and Dad, or enveloped by Mamma Bear who is in turn snuggled up by Papa Bear.

Baby Bear

6. “The World in One’s Hands”

A close-up black and white photo of the little one’s feet or hands held in the hands of the mother or father.

..and then something for the modern parent.


7. “Chair Prop”

Place your baby in the seat of a chair big enough to comfortably hold them. Choosing the right chair and background will give your photo a professionally styled look.

8. “Photo of the Day”

Take a photo of your baby every day for the first year of their life to create a visual document of their growth. This technique is particularly effective if the background is unchanging, and could be combined with the “Chair Prop” photo.

9. “Growth Through Nourishment”

To add to the “Photo of the Day”, place a plant next to your baby to enhance the theme of growth.

10. “A Rose by Any Other Name “

A birds-eye photo of a sleeping baby holding a rose (de-thorned of course). Simple, classic and beautiful.

A Rose by Any Other Name

11. “Playtime”

What could be more adorable than a baby playing with soft toys?

12. “Stacks On”

If you’ve got older children, a pile-up photo with the oldest at the bottom and the youngest at the top can look good, but just beware of face-pulling, and never stack more than three children on top of each other.

13. “Seasons Greetings”

Costume photos don’t have to be cheesy. (Okay, maybe I just can’t see past the smokescreen of cute, but I did meet a delightful Christmas Pudding last year, and previously had an encounter with a Pumpkin on Halloween.) Make your own or search eBay for cute ideas, but beware of the hours you could spend sucked into a vortex of adorable, overpriced costumes.

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings

14. “Props”

They are oldies but goldies, and there’s a reason they keep coming back: the baby in a basket, the baby in a pull cart, the baby in a bucket, the baby in a boot. There’s just something so novel about babies in curious situations.

15. “Collage”

Any and all of these photos make beautiful collages that document and display your baby’s personality and growth.


Look at PosterCandy’s poster options to showcase your baby photos at home. But keep a box of tissues next to it just in case of weeping visitors.