Ok, let’s face it, not everybody in the world is going to be as enchanted and googly-eyed over your baby as you are.  Mothers – especially new mothers – share a special bond with their children that is difficult to find anywhere else in life. But most Baby’s First Year books that you find in stores don’t recognise the connection that you and your baby share. Many are even tedious to fill out, featuring characters like Fluffy the Squirrel and Floppy the Bunny (which do things so obscure, like brush their teeth and sleep in cots, that it makes you reflect on the absurdity of ‘cutesy’ baby items – what is the significance of anthropomorphic forest creatures eating spaghetti or dressing in a night gown? What does it all mean?). Well, clichés are so passé.


Documenting the first year of your baby’s growth need not be a clinical process of measuring and then recording alongside Fluffy and Floppy, whom you don’t wish to revisit any time soon. You and your baby are unique, your connection is special, and that should be reflected in your first year photography.

The following list was compiled in order to help you get some personality into your baby’s first year photography. These are alternative ideas to the tedious and quite frankly absurd first year photography solutions of store-bought books. Using these ideas as a guide, your creative possibilities are limitless – think about how you and your baby are unique and find a way to express it applying the following techniques.




Using blackboard paint, paint a large board (or if you’re really game, a bedroom wall), place a funky chair in front of it and photograph your baby placed snugly on the chair once a week, once a fortnight or once a month. On the blackboard, you can include all of the usual information like your baby’s age, weight, number of teeth, etcetera, as well as quirky details (all babies have them!) like “sticks fingers in ears when tired”, “afraid of men with beards”, “loves the cat”. The beauty of this technique is that you can make it entirely your own – you have, quite literally, a blank slate. Get creative with drawings, stories, and decorative details.



Find (or make!) a calendar, separate the pages, scatter them on the floor with the current month placed on top or at the most obvious focus point of your camera angle and photograph your baby on the pages of the calendar. As the months progress, your baby’s growth will also, so that it moves from laying to holding itself up, to sitting and maybe even crawling and standing. Among the pages of the calendar you can include photos, message cards, and snippets of information if you wish to include them.


If you can get your baby to stay still for long enough, shadow silhouettes are making a comeback. Trace the silhouette once per month and fill in with details you want to share – keep it clinical or get inventive, or include a mix of both. These look great in a scrapbook.



There are many creative ways to document your baby’s growth in a setting that grows with them. (See & Creative Maternity Photography Ideas) Photograph your baby alongside or in front of something that grows with them to emphasise the progression of time. This could be a plant, a city skyline, a pet, or even a personal project.



Because first year photographs are by nature sequential, they look great displayed alongside each other. Play around with different types of collage, placing photos of your baby through the first year of life and other photos, messages or pictures that have significance in your baby’s life. One way to make a neat, tidy and beautiful collage is to create a Postercandy. This way you can present your baby’s first year on a wall in your home or at the office.


Postercandy can help you create a photographic document of your baby’s first year in the world. Simply choose your style of first year photo, get creative with your snaps, add them to your Instagram account and create a personalised poster in 3 quick steps.