Congratulations to everyone who participated in our ‘Because Life Isn’t Perfect’ photo competition. The competition is now complete, and the five winners have been chosen.

The aim of this contest was to celebrate the shall we say, imperfect, yet perfectly normal and hilarious moments that just so happen to be caught on camera! We would like to thank all participants for their enthusiastic responses to the competition. We had a great laugh going through your photos and found it incredibly difficult to narrow it down to only five winners.

Drumroll, the photo fail images that stole our heart are:

1st Place and winner of our $250 gift card

Boy face planting falling off a round object
My son was trying to pose so sweetly on some local art… a giant fig! As I took the shot, he face planted – because they’re round!

Submitted by: Nicola Forster

We give this poor guy a 10/10 for effort! If this photo doesn’t sum up our competition aim then we don’t know what does!

2nd Place and winner of a $150 gift card

Female wedding guests with Bride having a good time

Submitted by: Michelle Willoughby

Not your usual wedding antics! Our favourite thing about this photo is the genuine happiness it shows. It has the ability to put a smile on your face every time you come across it.

3rd place and winner of a $100 gift card

Boy not impressed with his birthday cake

My son on his 2nd birthday. Couldn’t be more impressed haha

Submitted by: Jordan Green

There’s nothing that screams thank you more than this little guy’s face (not!).

4th place, another lucky winner of a $100 gift card

brothers not happy with having their photo taken

This was my first ever portrait session with my two boys. We were leaving NZ to move to Australia so I wanted a photo to give to the grandparents. Haha – not the memory I was hoping for

Submitted by: Kirsty Green

We have all been there Kirsty! The boys still look cute despite their clear unhappiness to be there!

5th place and the final winner of a $100 gift card

Family holiday snap ruined by an untimely wave

Favourite holiday snap!

Submitted by: Kelly Tyack

We love this classic family holiday photo ruined by a perfectly timed wave.

All winners will be personally contacted via email by our team, so keep an eye out on your inbox!

Stay tuned, we’ll be back again soon for another contest!