We’ve all taken photos of something random with our phone, perhaps the subject caught our eye and inspired us in some way. Then later when we look back through our images in the gallery, we wonder exactly what we will do with them.

You might not want to print off a shot of a colourful doorway spotted on holiday in Vietnam. The cute cake you saw in the bakers was definitely worth photographing but you have no intention of printing it off as a single image to be framed and displayed on your wall.

Mix up these unrelated images together though and you get a highly unique, very effective piece of abstract photo art. That certainly beats a shop bought mass produced canvas any day!

The first step to creating an abstract photo collage is to get your images organised. Create a folder in your phone or on your desktop to put your photos in, that way when you’re ready to start your photo poster you’ll only have to upload your images from one place.

Next, think about how big you want to make your poster, what orientation do you prefer and how many images do you want to put in it.

PosterCandy has 8 size options to choose from across 3 orientations, landscape, portrait or square. Number of images per poster starts at 6 and goes all the way up to 368 depending on size of poster and how big you want each image to be. If you’re struggling to find images or are looking to create a particular colour pallete to match your home décor we recommend using either of these 2 image websites – www.unsplash.com & www.pexels.com. Both sites have thousands of free pictures that anyone can download and use for free. They are also a great place to go to for inspiration and ideas.