A wedding is a big celebration, and when it comes to photographs, it’s one of the few events we place plenty of attention and detail to. Capturing your love and union will become some of the most cherished photos one takes in their lives. But often, over time the photographs we take get lost, sorted away and unfortunately forgotten about.

With a bit of a personal touch, you can display these memories in your home in a way that is more unique then a digital album on your phone.

Gallery walls are a great way to take the traditional framed image and display it in a more modern way. You can a create a gallery as grand as you like with our framed prints. It’s such a pretty way to display several wedding shots at once. For a really personal touch, incorporate photos from your dating days and create a timeline of how you and your partner got to where you are today.

Looking for something a bit more subtle? Why not showcase some of your happiest and loving memories from your wedding all year long. Each month you’ll be able to lovingly gaze at a special memory. How lovely would this be for your office?

Create a beautiful art piece to hang in your living space or bedroom. We love the idea of transforming a basic piece of string and dangling polaroid’s of your big day. It’s easy enough to do and is an inexpensive yet effect way to display more than one photo.