Digital photography has reshaped our relationship with photography. Now more than ever, photography is an interactive process. Gone are the times where we were stuck with that family photo of Nan with her eyes shut on the family mantlepiece, now it’s perfectly normal to take 15 snaps to make sure everyone has their eyes open, their hair perfect the dog sitting still.

Maternity photography has come a long way since the old point, shoot and hope-for-the-best days.


You may like the classic ‘wistful pregnant woman leaning against a tree in the woods’ look, or even the ‘mother-to-be looking upwards from her perch against a country stone wall’ shot, or you may even prefer the ‘windswept wheat field with hair blowing in the wind’ pose and hey – classics are classics and they work for a reason.

But digital enhancement and editing means that we can now be SO much more creative with photography than in the past.


So the question is, what are you going to do with these possibilities?

So what can you do? Fun, creative pics are always winners in my book. There’s no need for cheesy effects like glitter and floating love hearts, but simple effects like a soft filter can go a long way in enhancing a photo without overdoing it. Listed below are my seven favorite creative maternity photo ideas.


1. The Tin Phone Photo. An older child holds a tin can phone between her ear and the pregnant mamma’s belly. A shot like this, taken outside in the sun with a simple Instagram effect with a vintage, washed-out feel like Valencia or Toaster will come across fun and playful. Have a doctor in the family (or maybe high aspirations for the new addition!)? Then a similar shot with a stethoscope in place of the tin can phone will have the same effect.

2. The Coming Soon Shot. For an even more vintage feel, it’s a fun idea to write or hold a ‘coming soon’ sign in front of the pregnant belly – to get the best ‘retro’ look à la 1950s-1970s go with an Earlybird effect. There’s room here, too, to play with layering and inserts.

3. The Movie Lover. If you’re up for the extra work, putting your favorite maternity shot through an editing program such as Photoshop can be very rewarding. While floating love hearts and glitter should still, at all costs, be avoided, text banners in maternity photographs never go astray, especially if used as your ‘official pregnancy announcement’. This way you can include the new baby’s name, due date or gender as a part of the photograph, rather than an intrusive insert. For example, a 1950s Hollywood-style cinema sign would be a great addition to the retro vintage ‘coming soon’ photo theme.

4. Creative Signage. Play around with different kinds of signage for different looks. Road signs could count down the number of weeks to due date; a plant tag could list the baby’s ‘family name’ or even a café menu outlining ‘what’s in the oven’- get creative!


5. Text Messaging. If you’re like me, and not into too much editing, then laying out your text before you take the photo could be an easier option. Scrabble letters, baby building blocks and door letters are a great way to add text to your maternity photos.

There are endless cute, funky ways to create original maternity photographs.

But my personal favorites are sequence photos. And although it’s a classic, there’s no need to stick to the traditional week-by-week countdown with an ever-enlarging side shot of the preggy belly. This is the age of technology – let’s get creative, people!

How about some interesting maternity sequence shots.


6. The Weekly Update. Get creative with your sequence shots. Why not think about what’s happening in each week that you plan to take a photograph and give it a theme. Was this the week you craved boiled eggs with hot sauce? Was this the week you had to buy your first pair of maternity jeans? Or the week your belly button popped out? Include a mention of these milestones in your photos.

7. The Changing Background Photo. Something that grows with your baby, such as a plant (or for a more urban feel, the construction of a building over the city skyline) can enhance a photograph by emphasising growth. Creating sequence maternity photographs like this has the added advantage of fun display options.

Edited, enhanced or otherwise, digital photography can be printed and displayed in all sorts of fun ways. In a photo frame next to Nan on the mantlepiece isn’t a bad start. If you’ve decided to take a sequence of maternity photos, why not think about turning your photos into a poster for your friends and family?


PosterCandy can help turn your funky Instagram pics into a custom poster for the nursery or a small artwork for the fridge. Think about how you want to display your pregnancy photos. Whatever you decide, take advantage of the editing, enhancing and printing options available and think outside the box!