Looking for a cheap, fun and easy way to entertain the kids on the weekend? It’s no secret that we’ve been embracing all things 1970s over the last month and to round things off we decided to create the perfect little pet that was so popular during the era of Farrah Fawcett and disco. Of course we’re talking about Pet Rocks. The perfect pet that is easy to make with your younger family members. I recommend keeping this project on-hand for your next sunny Sunday afternoon with the kids.

Making a pet rock is really easy. Find a rock, glue on a few eyes and draw a smile. But where this activity really shines is in its ability to get your kids creative when selecting what to make as well as the ability for you to tell a story with your own creation.

For example, if you create a pet rock that resembles a famous person you can regale your kids with stories of their life and turn this project from a craft activity into an educational one.

The supplies you are going to need to make a basic pet rock are:

  • Rocks! Use ones straight from your garden or pick up a pack from Bunnings for about $5.
  • Multi-purpose glue. Make sure to ask your local craft store for a solvent-free glue.
  • A packet of eyes. Easy to find at your local craft store and should only cost a few dollars.
  • A permanent marker.
  • Felt for hair and other features.
  • Good quality craft scissors.


Pet Rock


  1. Select a good rock that is even in colour. Give it a wash and let it dry if you’ve picked it straight from the garden.
  2. Think about a style for your rock. We’ve included some examples further down this page however a good start might be a celebrity or family member.
  3. Start by gluing on your eyes and letting them dry. Choose the right size to suit the shape of your rock. Hint: Large eyes on a small rock give a look of surprise.
  4. Cut your felt to create features for your character. This could be hair or a moustache. Cut into strips to make ‘strands’ of hair or use a solid piece for a fop.
  5. Once everything has dried draw a nice big smile onto your new pet rock.
  6. Take a photo and post onto Facebook!


I had so much fun making these pets rocks that I created a mini-PosterCandy of our rocks to stick on the fridge.


It’s really that easy and I think the results are very cute. I can understand why these were so popular in the 1970s. Best of all it’s a low cost way for your kids to get creative and all up you should be able to buy the supplies needed for this project for well under $10. Of course you could also pick up other accessories (such as mini noses, eye-glasses etc) to really spruce up your creations but for me making a basic rock like we did today made a great pet rock and is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the kids.


Need inspiration? Take a look at four of the pet rocks we made in our afternoon.

Pet Rock Ideas

Can you pick out the Albert Einstein rock, Salvadore Dali rock, Elvis rock and Cyndi Lauper rock?


I hope this post has spurred you on to make a visit to your local craft store and pickup the supplies needed to make your own pet rock family.