We all know that Father’s Day is approaching fast. Personally I really enjoy getting together with family, eating way too much food and starting conversations on all those subjects you normally wouldn’t touch in polite company. It’s great fun but sometimes, I’ll admit, I often forget to buy something until the last minute for dear old dad.

These Father’s Day coupons are sized to fit right into dad’s wallet.

Now if you are reading this it’s might be because that like me you left buying a Father’s Day present to the last minute. Fear not as we are here to save your bacon! What we’ve done is put together a book of last minute Father’s Day coupons that you can download at home, print and will have dad beaming.

Click to download your Father’s Day coupons.

To get going all you need is a colour printer, a pair of scissors, a hole punch and a short length of ribbon. These last two are actually optional but will really help add pizzazz to your Father’s Day coupons.

Printed Fathers Day Coupons

These coupons also work as a great gift for younger family members that might not have a lot of money to spend on a Father’s Day present. Personally I always value a gift that has been made by someone close to me over a store bought item. I’m sure that I’m not the only person like this, anyone else out there with me?

Now be careful, remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Using his coupons your dad now has the power to enact:

  • One hour of silence
  • One bear hug
  • One dog walk
  • One car wash
  • One lawn mow

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Ok, so firstly you’ll need to download and print out your Father’s Day coupons. You only need to use one sheet of paper for this as they all print onto the one page. Use the highest quality settings your printer allows and if you have one handy use a nice thick sheet of paper. I used a 250GSM sheet for my coupons.

Fathers Day Coupon

If you have the time pop into your local OfficeWorks. They can print your coupons on high-quality thick paper for 88c.

Once you have printed your sheet of coupons trim them back using a good pair of scissors. Use long controlled snips here as it will give you a nice clean edge.

If you don’t have thick paper at home try gluing two sheets of paper together or better still use some wrapping paper for your backing.

Line up your coupons and using a hole-punch punch a nice hole in the top left corner. After this just take some old ribbon and tie your coupons together. I’m a stickler for keeping any ribbon used on gifts I receive, so if you’re anything like me you should have a nice collection on standby.

Final Fathers Day Coupons

Et voila, the finished result. I think this makes a great Father’s Day present, not just a last minute one. All up you should be able to put this book of coupons together in under 15 minutes. We were thinking of adding more to our selection of cards but 5 seems enough to me, we don’t want dad having too much power! What do you think? Should we add to our list of cards for next year?

Fathers Day Coupons