Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, these are a few of my favourite things! And these are just some among the myriad of delightful images conjured up when I think of toddler photography. Toddlers just ooze vitality, warmth and spontaneity. But, of course, it is not always easy to catch these aspects of your little one in photograph. Anyone who has ever tried at a home photo shoot with toddlers will know that it can be a rocky road to get that one beautiful, awe-inspiring photograph that truly captures the essence of your toddler’s life.

Tears, tantrums and bad timing can flood a home photo shoot and leave you feeling exhausted and unaccomplished. So this week, rather than set out a list of pre-determined photo ideas which may or may not conform to your toddler’s whims and caprices at the time of the shoot, I’ve decided to do something different. This week, in lieu of technique-based ideas, I’ve set out some of my favourite themes that you can use to direct your approach to toddler photography. The themes are flexible, so you have a broad scope to work with and are free to add your personal touches to the photographs, rather than trying to copy other people’s existing photos. With a bit of luck, this flexibility should also reduce the tears, tantrums and bad timing during your shoot.


Theme 1 – Daily Life.

Daily activities that may seem trivial to you now will one day be precious memories. Remember not to let the little moments slip through your hands.

Toddler every day life photo

Theme 2 – Exploring and Playing.

Exploring nature, playing with toys, annoying the dog. Any photo that catches a sense of curiosity, fun or wonderment is a good one in my book.



Theme 3 – Emotion.

Whether it is the awe of discovering a new part of the garden, the delight of tickles, the sadness at Grandma’s leaving, or simply a reflective moment, toddlers are teeming with unbridled emotions and to capture any of them in photograph is to catch a glimpse of the world through your little one’s eyes.

Toddler curios photo

Theme 4 – Little Big People.

What could be cuter than little ones doing big people’s jobs? This could include things like playing dress-ups, copying Mum or Dad or having a go at helping with dinner.

Toddler Juicing with Mother


Theme 5 – Rest.

If all else fails, a photograph of your little angel sleeping is as beautiful as any other.

Sleeping child

These themes are starters to set you on your own creative journey, so don’t hesitate to expand them, twist them, twirl them and turn them upside down. These are just a few of my favourite things. Feel free  to show us some of your favourite things by leaving a link in the comments to your favourite home toddler photos. And remember, as I always say, to have fun with your photo shoot!

If you’re after further creative direction, I suggest you take a look through the PosterCandy blog archives for inspiration for props, photographic techniques and photo shoot craft projects you can undertake with your children. Happy photographing!