We’re super excited to tell you about our new range of PosterCandy Number collages.

Number Collage

They are a fun and unique way of displaying wonderful memories of a special occasion you always want to be reminded of.

Number collages make a great personalised gift for all types of occasions, they’re especially good for birthday milestones and wedding anniversaries. We’ve designed some ready to use number templates for you, but if your number’s not there don’t despair!

We can custom make a photo collage in the shape of any number you like, simply send us a message and we’ll design a number collage template especially for you!

Need some inspiration?

Here are some number collages ideas that we think are awesome!

Create a visual diary of an important year.

Year 1980

Perhaps it’s the year you were born, had a round the world trip, or the year you met your soul mate!  Whatever the occasion a photo collage of that special year not only looks fantastic but can tell a wonderful story throughout the photo arrangement.

Your photos in a postcode or house number

Number 277

If you’re proud of your suburb and the community you belong too, then show off your pictures in a postcode! Similarly, if you love where you live and have some fond memories of your home, then why not make a photo collage of your house number?


Both ideas are great for displaying in your home or if you’re a local business you could liven up some blank walls in your premises too.

Contact us for more details on customised number collages.