At PosterCandy, we’re all about creativity. If you’ve read through our blog before, you’ll know we’ve ventured deep into the world of arts, crafts and home décor many times with projects like creative first year baby photography, cool ideas for maternity photos, unique photo display ideas, fun ways to print Instagram photos (I could keep going) and last month’s refurbished vintage picture frame.

Just to show you that a PosterCandy is not just a one-trick pony, this week I’ll be talking about some cool ideas you can use to create feature pieces of art for your home with PosterCandy – starting with inspiration boards.

If you thought we were just a one-trick pony, think again.

Virtual inspiration boards have replaced the old corkboards I grew up with in the 90s, where I would rip out magazine images, recipes and pin up photos of my friends taken on my Nickelodeon instant camera. These days, with websites and Apps like Pinterest, Tumblr and Flickr, you can be a bit more organised, and a bit more discreet, than in the 90s. I know personally I’ve practically planned the layout of my dream house, down to which rug goes where and what colour the mugs should be. (Whoever said technology stifles imagination?!) Now whether this makes me a crazy house lady or not, the point is that new technologies make the possibilities for bringing your “vision” to breath literally endless!

Overloaded Corkboard

Virtual inspiration boards have replaced the old corkboard that I grew up with in the 1990s.


If you’re after a neater version of the old magazine pin-up board above your desk, the best way to go about it is to jump on Pinterest, choose the photos you really want to keep, the ones you keep going back to over and over, and run them through your Instagram account and from here it’s easy to create a neat, tidy poster.

If, like me, you can’t abridge your list of favourite photos and images down to a select few, it’s a good idea to organise them into groups. Colour boards are a winner, and great for decorating the home.

Themed images

Tip: choose photos with a colour scheme that match your office


Themed inspiration boards mean you don’t have to hide your PosterCandy in your office! You can create a food board to inspire dinner ideas in the kitchen, a travel board to keep your eye on the big holiday dream or a fashion inspiration board near the wardrobe for days when you just can’t think what to wear. Anything that inspires you can be brought to life.

PosterCandy of the Month

What has really inspired me this month is the blossoming of spring! So to celebrate, we will be giving awaythis special 1970s-themed PosterCandy, beautifully framed in last month’s DIY Vintage Poster Frame! To enter just say hello to us on Facebook or leave a comment below and let everyone know what inspires you.