Do you have hundreds or even thousands of unorganised photos of your wedding day? What should you do next with your wedding photos? Here are our tips for making sure your wedding photographs don’t get stuck in boxes (or folders on your computer) because you kept meaning to sort them out but it was too overwhelming.

Get everything in one place

New York Times bestselling tidying expert Marie Kondo would tell you to get all your photographs in a single location. You want to be sorting all of your pictures, not grazing from one hidden collection to another.

Get all the photos from your wedding day into photo management software, e.g. iPhoto, Picasa or whatever you already use. That’s everything from your photographer, your camera, and pictures taken by friends and family.

Ideally, do this as soon as you can after your wedding day (just in case someone’s camera breaks or is lost).

Critical tip

Back this folder up. Don’t wait. Don’t think you’ll do it after you’ve sorted all the pictures. Do it now.

If you back it up to something like an external hard drive, take that hard drive to the office or someone else’s house. If you leave it where your computer is, whatever bad thing might happen to your computer could also happen to the drive.

The (fun) hard part

You’re going to have to look at every wedding photograph to decide if it’s a keeper. (Unless you already know Uncle Barry always cuts off everyone’s head, so there’s no point even looking at his pictures.)

This is fun — it’s your wedding! — but it will take time. If you find yourself putting it off because it will take too long, decide to spend a little time every day on it. You’ll be amazed how efficient you become and how far you can get in 15 minutes a day.

Time-saving tip

If you’re confident enough with the computer, you’ll find there are pieces of software that will help you find duplicates. PhotoSweeper on the Mac, for instance, will find duplicates not just by name, file size or date. It will actually “look” at pictures to decide if they’re the same.

Delete (or move to an archive folder, if you’re too scared)

Delete any photos that are duplicates, blurry, repetitive or that you are just not in love with — it’s a tough decision, but you don’t have to keep every photo! If you’re too scared to part with any pictures right now, move them to a separate folder. That way you can keep them, but they’re not in the way.

Sort the best wedding pictures into folders

Create folders for each part of your wedding photos so you can quickly find them, e.g. getting ready, travelling to the ceremony, the ceremony, the reception and so on.