As we head into the new year, PosterCandy is launching our ‘Because Life Isn’t Perfect’ photo competition which is designed to celebrate the shall we say, imperfect, yet perfectly normal and hilarious moments.

We love seeing your fantastic photos printed across our range of calendars, collages and posters and the memories that you want to remember.

What we love seeing even more, is those moments that were never meant to be caught on camera! And, as such, we are launching a competition for you to share these with PosterCandy.

We want you to send in your ‘photo fail’ moments. Those accidental hilarious mistakes and awkward moments that never quite make the cut when it comes to getting your photos printed yet are the ones that you look back fondly on with the photos bringing tears of laughter to your eyes.

Think you have a funny ‘because life isn’t perfect’ photo then send click here to enter.

The FIVE winners – yes you read that right – will receive the following prizes:

1st place – A$250 PosterCandy gift card

2nd place – A$150 PosterCandy gift card

3rd, 4th and 5th place – A$100 PosterCandy gift card

The gift vouchers can be redeemed with PosterCandy on any item/s within our range.

So, come on – don’t be shy – get sharing your photos for the chance to win and together let’s take a moment out of our very busy daily routines to enjoy a laugh together!