Use PosterCandy’s new product Custom Collage to print a customised poster that tells a story with your photos.

We love this idea of documenting and displaying those wonderful, sleep deprived, blurry memories of your baby’s first year. It’s fun and very simple to do, just select a layout from a choice of 8 sizes in the Custom Collage product range. A 50cm x 50cm Square works well for this project. Then simply import your photos that you want to print and select the Advanced Editing tool.

Free Your Imagination

The Advanced Editing tool in Custom Collage gives you endless creative scope. You can add special effects to the images you have selected for your photo collage by adding a mask. Or you could change the shape of a picture box from a square to an oval. The best thing you can do is just experiment, try out all of the tools to see what they can do. Add in some pictures, take some out, rearrange the photos, change the background colour. Surprise yourself with your hidden creative abilities!

For a limited time we are offering all of this extra cool stuff for the same price as a regular PosterCandy Photo Poster or Mounted Poster. So go on, jump in and let the designer in you create and play!